Gay Marriage……

Good Afternoon.  Just finished my daily punishment of reading todays headlines on Yahoo.  WTF?

Simply put:  Banning Gay Marriage will not make these people any less gay.

Is the general public and/or the legislators aware of this fact?  For real here people, just because you say they can’t have the paper saying that they are married isn’t going to keep them from living together, raising kids together, having sex with each other, or acting like they are married in any other way.

Why not take the revenue that gay marriage licenses would create and call it a win win?  I mean, if you are going to uphold the atheists requests to remove crosses and nativity scenes from government property, then your request to ban gay marriage is pretty much void.  Seeing as the biggest nay sayers are mostly the religious types.  The government needs to just let it be.

Let them get married!  The range for the cost of a license is from $10 – $110.  So lets say for this game, it’s $75.  If 5% of the population (going by what I was able to find on the internet, it’s not really part of the census yet) and the current population of the U.S.  That means that an average of 15.81 Million people are gay.  Divided by 2 to pair them up, and divided by 50 for an average per state… 158,000 or so couples are potential buyers of the license.  That’s a profit per state of about $11,850,000.00.

I’m thinking that any one of the states would be pretty happy to have a possible income of about $11 million dollars.  And would acceptance in this way bring many more out? Possibly.  Does that matter? I don’t think so.

I have never been approached by a gay person to join them, EVER!  I can say that I am approached by one religion or another to join their group at least once a week, or at least informed that I will be going to hell for whatever reason they have that week.

So here is my opinion, like it or not….

Let the fucking gay people get married.  They are going to fuck each other and be gay anyway!  It’s not your job to say they can’t!


Annie – WTF???

Seriously? WHAT THE FUCK?

I just read an article on Yahoo about a mother and daughter who were looking at a Target ad for the new “Annie” line of clothing and were offended and want an apology.  Oh my fucking God! For what?

Mom is black, daughter is mixed. They are mad because the girls in the pictures aren’t black.  Are you kidding me right now?

When I first saw the ad for the new movie, I thought, that’s cool.  Looks like they remade one of my favorite movies.  Until I read this article, I guess I never thought about it being the new black version.  Between me and the Mom of this upset little girl, who is racist?  Not me!

Target created an ad based on a clothing line that will make every little girl in the country feel like Annie.  That’s all!  They didn’t go with the original red haired Annie girl look a likes, these are just girls.  Sorry the models they had available were all white, but the real movie star is apparently black so all of the ads related to items from the movie must have black people in them or we are all racists that need to apologize to you and your child.

How about you stop raising your child to focus on the color of someone’s skin all the damn time?  Why should Target apologize to you?  Who the fuck are you?  No body, just like me. Get over yourself.

I’m going to go all smart ass on you now too….think real world here people.  Try being mad at the advertising agency that created the ads for Target, not Target.  Go to the source if your going to be an ass about it!

Here’s the link to article if you are interested in reading the garbage that pissed me off.

For me….it’s Christmas.

Ok.  I’m trying to ignore the continued protests for the piece of crap criminal and move on to another peeve of mine.

Why is it that I cannot wish anyone a Merry Christmas anymore?  Because I might offend someone of another religion?  WTF makes them so god damned special?

I’m offended because I can’t say it.  Does that matter to anyone?  No?  Why is that?  Why do I have to care about your feelings when you don’t care about mine?  Why is your religion any more deserving than mine?

How about this?  Now this is called respect, which most of the country has lost…but lets give it a go.

Me:  “Merry Christmas!” said with a smile on my face.

You: “Happy whatever your religion is celebrating” with a smile on your face.

We continue along our paths, probably never to see each other again, but happy none the less. Because we shared the joy of our seasons with each other, instead of being “offended” that someone doesn’t celebrate the same shit as me.  Really?

I will not say happy holidays!  I will NOT call it a holiday tree!  I will NOT recognize every other religions holidays and not my own!

I am not shoving it down your throat, you don’t celebrate Christmas, cool.  I won’t ask you to.  But don’t ask me not to celebrate just because you don’t.

Just a reminder people:

1.  It is not my job to make sure that everyone who is different in any way from myself, goes home with a warm fuzzy feeling every night.

2. Your equality requests go 2 ways….You want me not to say Merry Christmas, then I had better not hear a goddamned word about Kwanzaa, Honukkah, or any other one of the days that are celebrated. PERIOD!

If what you want is equality, that’s how it works.  If you want special treatment, then you need to get out of my country and start your own….trust me, I won’t come find you.

I will however respect you.  If you say happy Honukkah, I will smile and wish you a Merry Christmas.  Not because I want you to be like me, but because I want to share the joy of the birth of Christ with you, you in your way and I in mine.  And you are atheist, and you smile at me, and I say Merry Christmas, just smile back.  I really don’t need to know that it’s a commercialized holiday similar to Valentines Day, created to increase sales at the end of the year based on the birthday of a fictional character.  Jesus and Santa.  LOL.

Just let me live in my bubble and I will let you live in yours.  Because I like the spirit of giving.  It’s not a crime.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Oh, and Happy New Year!  The January 1st kind!

Why won’t Ferguson go away???

Every day when I read the headline articles on Yahoo, there is another picture of people with their hands in the air!  They are the reason that racism is brought up all the damn time.  All these black people who think “black lives matter”!  FUCK THAT!!!


Criminals deserve to be punished.  Why is it that we are so damn worried about criminals who can’t breathe?  He was a big ass criminal who was pissed off.  The cop did what he had to do to subdue a criminal.  The fact that if the colors were reversed, no one would have heard a single word about it, that doesn’t seem to matter.  So what?  White lives don’t matter?  I think ALL lives matter. 

Why is it that we are worried about the criminals who apparently were begging for their lives, but we aren’t worried or protesting against child abusers and molesters in the same way?  These childrens voices are never heard by their attackers.  And they couldn’t breathe, they didn’t want to be attacked.  They never knocked over the quickie mart, attacked an officer, tried to steal his gun, tried to over power an officer with their size and strength….

Think about that the next time you put on a stupid shirt that states you can’t breathe and walk around with your hands in the air like an asshole!!  YOU SUPPORT CRIMINALS.

Congratulations, you have sucessfully decided that the life of a criminal is more important than the men and women who keep your stupid ass safe at night while you sleep…or deal in drugs…which ever it is you do!

On behalf of the american public and police officers all over the country, and the armed forces that keep this country free so your stupid opinion can be plastered all over the media….


Racism in America

Remember, this is my opinion. 

Racism no longer exists in this world.  What does exist are groups of people who would like special treatment for a wrong that no one on the planet was exposed to personally.  Here it is…I may find myself not liked for this….If you want something, you have to work for it!

This is true for all human beings.  If you are blonde, white, have brown eyes, brown skin, white skin, black skin, blue eyes, red hair, have an accent, it is the SAME.  Yes!  IT IS THE SAME!!! 

If you want a new house, get a job. 

If you want a new car, get a job.

If you want money, get a job.

Like a real job,  one that pays your bills and buys your wants and raises your kids etc.  Be a functional part of society instead of a burden on it. 

I’m tired of reading headlines about a white person did this to a black person bullshit! Equality is bullshit!  Stop trying to preach equailty to everyone, when what you want is for everyone to give you their shit so you don’t have to work for it, because:

…one of my ancestors was a slave once a long time ago….

….because My family or myself crossed into this country illegally from Mexico…

….because my country is mean to me….

….because I have tits….

This is America bitches….welcome to the American Dream!!  Where the harder you work, the more you get….not the louder you whine, the more you get!  So grow up, stop whining about shit that you have never had to deal with in your life ever….and put your big girl panties on!

Me, and I think the rest of this great country are tired of your bullshit and your whining poor me attitude!  Suck it up, walk over to WalMart, Meijer, McDonalds, Burger King, your local gas station, etc. and apply for a job.  I’m tired of paying for you!!!

Chokehold and the kid with the toy gun….Ferguson all over again

Why is it that I cannot seem to escape the idiocy that is Ferguson? 

Now we have this chokehold case, which if I remember correctly when it first hit the news, there was a medical condition that affected the outcome of the “victim”.  And he was twice the size of the cop that he was fighting against.  Maybe try not resisting arrest?

And now we have this 12 year old who was pointing a “toy” gun at a cop and got shot.  Devastating to the parents I’m sure.  And my sympathies go out to them because of the loss of their son. 

What I have to say though is this:  My older son joined us in our room this morning while I was finishing up my hair and listening to the news when the article about the “toy” gun came on.  His first response was that an air soft gun is not a “toy” and shouldn’t be considered as such.  A “toy” makes noises or shoots foam darts.  I have to agree with him.  An airsoft pistol can do some damage if the pellet hits the right spots.  He also asked what kind of air soft gun he had and why didn’t the news share that information.  Then he asked why did the kid point it at an officer?  What did he think would happen? 

He made valid points.  He is 15.  I guess I’ve done a pretty decent job raising them because his last statement was this:   “It’s sad that a 12 year old was never taught not to point a gun at the police. Maybe they should convict the parents for his death because they never taught him not to do that.” 

Out of the mouths of babes.

School Dress Codes…the TRUTH

Ok…So I’m moving on to a milder subject that still gets under my skin. School dress codes. 

I have seen multiple news articles and TV spots on the news about local girls against the dress code.  The argument they use is we are here to learn, why should we have to dress a certain way to not be objectified by boys, why not teach them to not objectify girls instead. 

Here is the TRUTH about why there is a dress code.

1. No one really wants to know what you look like naked.  If your clothes leave little to the imagination, then you need more clothes.

2. No one is worried about teenage boys objectifying you.  This statement worked in the past when no girl wanted to be seen as “easy” for the clothes they wear.  Now, well, that’s what it seems that they are after.    — Teenage boys do not know what objectify means.  They see a bit of your shoulder and they get a boner.  Trust me. This is not what administrators are trying to keep from happening. 

3. They are trying to prepare you for the REAL world!  Yes, the future you are so excited to get to, it has a dress code!. And the rules are:  Obide or get fired. 

So get over yourself, wake up 10 minutes earlier, find pants with buttons and zippers and put them on.  In the real world, you are not allowed to be lazy because it is Monday. 

Pajamas are night clothes.  The only people who should ever see your night clothes are your parents and siblings, and your spouse and or kids.  The rest of the world is not interested in knowing what you wear to bed!

Yoga pants are for…wait for it….YOGA!!!  If you are not on your way to yoga or on your way home from yoga or AT YOGA….no one wants to see your camel toe! 

Dress codes are put in place to prepare you for the world.  To teach you self respect and respect for others.  Please please please….SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP!